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How To Become An Official NC Inspection Station

Each station must be equipped with the proper equipment to perform inspections which include:

  1. 1 Jack or Lift with minimum capacity of 2 tons

  2. 1 Headlight Tester to fit all headlights

  3. 1 Workbench

  4. 1 Creeper

  5. 1 Tire Tread Depth Gauge (calibrated in 32nds of an inch)

  6. 1 Emissions Control System Application Manual

  7. Approved Inspection Analyzer with approved software of the type required to inspect the vehicles designated by the station license.

  8. Approved bar code scanner (comes with analyzer)

  9. 1 active dedicated phone line with jack

  10. Approved Light Meter / Window Tint Tester (Optional)

How Become an inspector:

  • To become a North Carolina Safety mechanic/technician, an individual must attend and pass an eight-hour Safety Inspection Course offered by a North Carolina Community College.

  • Classes are offered by your local Community College you need to contact your local community college for class information.  You can take the class at any NC Community College

  • An individual must pass a written examination with a score of no less than 80% correct answers.

  • An additional eight-hour OBD Inspection course is required if the individual desires to be licensed as an OBD mechanic/technician. (Eight-hour course for exhaust emissions and an eight-hour course for OBD)

  • The mechanic/ technician’s license is dictated by the station license, i.e., if a station is licensed for Safety/OBD, the mechanic/technician must be licensed for Safety/OBD.

  • A Certified Inspection Mechanic/Technician License is Valid For:

    • A Safety license is valid for four (4) years.

    • An Emissions license is valid for two (2) years. (OBD)

State inspection fees and frequently asked questions

For station regulation manual and applications:

    PHONE: 800-383-4830

Providing equipment needed to become
an official North Carolina automotive inspection station

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