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Lease/Finance $158 a month + tax for  46 months

- Based on approved credit and 2 payments down.


-DO NOT RENT UNITS.  Rental units over 6 years cost you $11,664.  Though rentals may include ink and repairs it takes alot of repairs and ink to equal the extra $6,000 cost in renting.  you could out right buy two units in that same time period.  Also you can NOT write off a rental unit as an capital expense purchase like you cana purchase or lease which lowers your taxes.


-Dual wired/wireless OBDii Data

-Integrated OBDii verifaction tool and charger

-Wireless @D BArcode Scanner

-High Quality Computer Components with Windoes OS

-22" Monitor

-All Steel Cabinet with Smallest Footprint



*-*-*-* notice: this unit requires a Pre-Installation form be completed and submitted before fulfillment (per manufacturer requirements).  - a form will be supplied to you via email upon order submittal. this must be completed and returned via email. thank you 

Wordwide OIS 7500- OBDII and safety